Friday, November 22, 2013

Biểu diễn lật xe 20 vòng không chết

Biểu diễn lật xe 20 vòng không chết

Ngày hôm qua, 22 Nov 2013 , tại California, Brian Gillespie, 55 tuổi, biểu diễn một pha lật xe 20 vòng mà không chết. Tốc độ lúc xe bị lật là 300 kílô mét giờ.

Video biểu diễn phía dưới cho chúng ta bài học luôn luôn cài giây an toàn khi lái xe.
A driver has survived a horrifying crash after his car flipped over at high-speed in the California desert.

The crash, caught on camera, took place at a land speed racing event at El Mirage Dry Lake near Adelanto.

Brian Gillespie, 55, was driving the car at 185mph when he lost control and flipped several times before the car came to a stop on its roof.

Dough McMillan, Mr Gillespie's friend and crew chief, said the driver soon waved with his hand to signal he was OK.

Emergency crews flipped over the car and freed Mr Gillespie.He suffered injuries including a collapsed lung and bruising.

Mr McMillan credited the safety equipment with protecting his friend from worse injuries.

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